Friday, September 30, 2016

Two steps forward, one step back

That's my hand at the top of Mt. Cube--a nearly 3,000 foot summit that I reached via a two-plus-mile trail in Orford, New Hampshire. My dog and I joined my husband and his puppy for the trek. I slowed them down a bit, but after several short rest stops, I actually made it, thanks mostly to the encouragement of my husband. And possibly to the lasting effects of my three-day fast.

While Sunday was a bit quieter since I was so exhausted, on Monday I found myself able to join my friend at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge for the evening meditation session. And on Tuesday she and I scooted down to Salem, Massachusetts to see my step mother-in-law and her niece and nephew-in-law. 

Wednesday was another recovery day. But by Thursday I was able to work on editing my novel again. Today I'm behind where I wanted to be by this time in the week, but I'm close to my goal. In a few minutes I'll return to the project and with any luck I'll be able to edit another five chapters. 

Sherman rests with me at the top of Mt. Cube.
My IC symptoms have stabilized, only occasionally bothering me now. And my most recent visit with my Lyme literate doctor was positive. I've now dropped one of three medications, as it looks like I've finally beaten the Babesia that's plagued me all summer. Now we're trying pulse antibiotic treatment with the other two medicines--where I only use each one week a month, and not at the same time. It will mean I must keep meticulous notes, tracking my symptoms each day.

One of the latest symptoms to slow me down is the return of my insomnia. I'm not sure what's behind it. One theory of mine is that I'm more active and able to think clearer, so my brain is making up for lost time when I was too exhausted to think or stay awake for long. I've also noticed that anytime one of the dogs moves or my husband snores I'm instantly awake, and have difficulty returning to sleep. Indeed, the only night I've managed to sleep through was when I started out on the sofa. 
Still, my thrill at reaching the peak last weekend has kept me going. I am getting better, I am getting better, I am.... If the Little Engine can do it, so can I!  

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