Monday, October 20, 2008

Art His Story
Last week my daughter drove us north to pick up my son's art portfolio from a university art department to which he was recently accepted.  We happened to catch the director of the program who gushed over his illustrations.  Her compliments reinforced our

road-less-traveled decision to pull him from high school his sophomore year, help him earn his GED, and enroll him in a four-year bachelor's program in an art institute.  He's now a sophomore in what should be his senior year, and doing great as he considers transferring to a university where he can double major in art and science. 

And Her Story

Now our daughter is traveling a similar path.  She is home schooling now and begins her college career next semester.  When her classmates
graduate with their high school diplomas, she'll receive her Associates in Arts degree.

And she and he, and my husband and I shall each be the better for this decision to follow the grassy path wanting wear.  Whether or not we later tell this with a sigh, only ages and ages hence will determine. 

(Top: Study of Autumn Gourds by Leo, charcoal, 24.5" x 19.5"; Work Boots by Leo, graphite, 19.75" x 23.5"; Washing Dishes by Abby, water color pencils, 22.5" x 18.5"; extremely amateurish attempt to photograph my children's art work by Mom; sorry, kids.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photographic Weekend...
I'm learning to use my husband's huge Nikon D70-S.  

Many lessons yet to go, as you can plainly see....
Life is a road we can either choose to travel, or sit by the side and watch as others pass us by.  "Get up.  Get going," I try to remind myself daily.  Now if I can only remember to grab the camera....

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A One-Stop Barnstorm...
Please join us this Thursday evening for the stage reading of Plowing Up A Snake at Red River Theatres

Thanks for dropping by,

(Photo from our weekend trip to Madison, NH, to visit friends.)