We Are Here for You

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Today's post is a meditative angel writing--a message via my pen from my guardian angel's guardian angel. NOTE: The words of the angel are in bold italics. My interruptions are not. And later, another message conveyed by one of my angels is in italics, not bold.

Now what I want to impart is the wisdom to you and anyone who reads this that we are always here in support of you. When you feel most elated, we are with you. When you are calm and at peace we are there. And that is when you can best feel us. Well, then and anytime you are in fear.

I learned that.

You did. And you need to write that experience. I know I'm not the first to tell you this. But I want you to know that there are those who will benefit greatly from reading one of your first remembered encounters with your guardian angel. And with your dead relative. Yes, your great grandmother. You were very brave during that ordeal. But we were not going to allow anything to harm you.

Thank you.

Promise me you'll make time to write about that?

I promise. I'll even try to work on it this week.

And put it on your blog. Even if only one other person reads it, this will help them.

(Then he returned to his original message, and in a booming voice imparted the following.)

We are here. Talk to us if you need to. Have a silent conversation in your head with us or speak aloud. Pray. Sing. Whatever comes most natural to you. Meditate. Hike and clear your mind. Open up. Be receptive. We are here.

This short message is what you want me to post on my blog?

Yes. And entitle it "We Are Here for You."

Thank you. I will.

Dana, we still need to talk to you.

More angel writing?

Yes, much more. You are behind. That is not a criticism. Just a fact. Make time for us this afternoon, even when you are more tired then you are now.

Okay. I will promise to try at least.

Yes, try at least. We know you have been working hard. And that you have gotten ill again. Your body is taking a beating. But you will bring it back around.

Thank you.
 # # #

And I'd like to thank you, the reader, for your indulgence as I begin posting my angel writings. This is relatively new for me. I've been angel writing since last fall, off and on when they call. This morning I woke to a chorus of angels imploring that I sit and let them communicate through my pen. Then my guardian's guardian stepped forward. I hadn't heard him since I was 12, but I recognized his voice immediately. It's weird though, because when I was 12, I thought I heard a 14, 15 or 16-year-old communicating with me. But I recognized his cadence and tone at once. He and I reunited in my morning journal, but he insisted that I save that with my other angel writings for a future book. I am happy to help, and willingly do as instructed. I am feeling fortunate for being able to hear so many of my angels, and of my friends and relatives who have passed. Some may think I'm crazy, but others will be comforted to know we're not alone. I'm writing for the latter. 

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