Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extreme Spring Cleaning
It's Home Make-Over Edition at the Myskowski Abode. We went from 30+ year-old hideous red carpet and disgustingly grotty vinyl to bamboo floors and tile, thanks to help from our kids and our daughter's extremely industrious and talented boyfriend.

Next step: hanging artwork. Then taking it back down so my daughter can paint the walls while she's on summer vacation.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Maybe it's time I updated my blog....
Been scouting locations for possible shoot of the Boys & Girls Club Video that I am co-producing with Carol Morse of the Club, and with Director/Producer Adam Jones, Creative Director Mary-Catherine Jones, and Director of Photography Kent Rich.

We're interviewing an incredible young man who has grown up in the club and who now, in his senior year of high school, is a mentor to the younger kids. I had no idea how much the Boys & Girls Club helps young people in our communities. From homework clubs to field trips, movie afternoons to games, computer time to friend time, and much more, the Boys & Girls Clubs of our communities are providing safe and comfortable places for kids to hang out when school is not in session.

More about the clubs later, as I learn more in this process. Am off to see if we have a Monday shooting schedule forming for all parties now....

(Photo above via phone by Carol Morse; it's of a room in Red Blazer Restaurant, which is one of many possible locations we're considering shooting.)