Monday, February 23, 2015

Should we organize the adjunct faculty at UNH Manchester?

Working with the students for more than a decade at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester has been an amazing experience. Not only are the students dedicated to their education, but many of them hold down a job and are involved with their families. 

However, working for extremely low wages, without benefits or an office, and asked to commit to a semester's schedule when the class might not even run due to low enrollment, has become burdensome. There are a couple of us who have been talking about organizing over the past year. With National Adjunct Walkout Day (or Teach-In Day, which is how I plan to use it) scheduled for this week, now is a good time to talk about our options.

I created a flyer that I asked to be emailed to the adjunct professors; however, I was informed this morning that it was not going to be forwarded. Therefore, I am trying to reach my colleagues through various social media outlets. Please help me spread the word; feel free to send this information to any professors you know.

If you're an adjunct professor at UNH Manchester--and you're interested in possibly organizing--please contact me through the comments section, via Twitter @biscottidana, or drop me a note in my on-campus mailbox (listed under "Myskowski"). I will be happy to share with you the link to the password-protected on-line survey for UNH Manchester adjuncts.

Thank you. And happy #NAWD!