Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So this is Grad School...

Well, I'm here. Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. (I would put the handy dandy instant click to the website thing in, but my apple doesn't seem to like blogger dot com, and that option doesn't exist for me unless I return to PC world; guess you'll just have to Google it if you're curious. I know - and yet I can get a photo in...just weird.)

I arrived yesterday afternoon after driving two hours north on I-89, avoiding rocks and slow semis in my rented car. Moved furniture around my room, hung mini white post-holiday lights, reported my phone as dead, only to learn I'd plugged it into the wrong outlet. Met some great people at dinner and a reception last night, but that hasn't made me any less tense.... Anticipation. It's a killer.

Was up and ready to start my day at 4:30. Still almost an hour to go before breakfast. Not that I'm hungry. But waiting this long for my first cup of coffee may kill me by the end of the week.

An actor friend suggested I post blogs about my grad school here is installment one. I trust installments two through whatever will be more grounded in substance and education.

Thanks for stopping by.