Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day Three is not as Smooth as Day Two

While yesterday I experienced an overwhelming Zen feeling and felt more energized than I have in weeks, maybe even months, today I woke at 6 a.m. tired and hangry (when hunger causes anger).

Actually, that may be an overstatement. I had a few moments of feeling that way—especially while I made my husband’s lunch and prepared his dinner for the crockpot. But I was able to identify it, even stating out loud, “I feel hangry now.” That made it dissipate. Warm water helped too. And our two happy dogs who never seem to get hangry even when it’s past their mealtime.

Today as I write this there are only a precious few hours left in the great three-day fast experiment. Five to be exact. Four hours and 44 minutes if I’m really being precise. Yes, I am counting down to that degree. Yet I am also trying to accomplish other things so I can distract myself from the fact that I’m occasionally hungry.

To-Do List as Distraction

Balancing the checkbook today and going over our summer expenses I experienced two belly rumbles. They’re my first since midday Sunday. My initial thought was to head into the kitchen and see what was available to eat. But then I remembered, “Oh yeah, I’m fasting. My only choice is water.” The water worked, dispelling my hunger almost immediately.

When it came time to vote in today’s primary elections for state offices, I wasn’t sure I had the energy to walk. My knee gave out just after I had tossed a peanut-butter bone to my dog, which convinced me to drive the couple blocks. It felt good to vote. And it feels great to cross off so many items from the to-do list. Even with the weariness I am still able to do more today than I could all of last week. 

Just Nod if You Can Hear Me

I just got off the phone with the nurse at my primary care physician’s office. It was a challenge parsing out the symptoms from last week vs. today, but we managed. I’m thinking I’m not supposed to still feel this bad after being on antibiotics and extra supplements since February. Because I’m no longer sure all my symptoms are caused by Lyme, I want to see a rheumatologist to discuss my progress and my challenges. I’d like answers, but even just someone to listen is a good start.

Present and Future Posts 

I know today’s post is a rambling update of my day. I can’t help that. It’s my brain on hunger, and hopefully on reboot. I envision a future post to include a recap of what I drank during the fast and a few notes on things like bathroom breaks (I was up twice as much last night compared to the night before, for instance). After having heard from several people via Facebook and text messages that they’d like to know more about my experience on the fast, I’d like to make even the more personal information available to anyone who might be interested.

I will also write about my post-fast strategy. Tonight at 7:45 I won’t get to savor a veggie burger on a gluten-free bun. Instead I have an organic homemade juice planned. I don’t have a juicer, so my blender and a sieve are going to have to do. I’ll mix the result at least 50/50 with water, possibly watering it down even more than that. One glass is all I plan to have before bed. And tomorrow, after my customary morning two glasses of water, I’ll have another. Of course we all know what is said about plans made, right? 

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