Monday, September 12, 2016

Meditation Message Leads to This Post

Today as I meditated my guides advised me to start blogging again. They meant today. Almost at that very moment. Or at least as soon as I had completed my final in breath/out breath.

“What should I blog about?” I asked them in thought, even though I know from reading about meditation that I’m not supposed to think while I’m doing it.

“Your health,” one said.

“Your current fast,” said another.

“Life,” said yet another. Or maybe it was one of the first two. I’m still learning to recognize the voices of my guides.

My father’s voice I have down pat. As well as the voices of a few other departed relatives and friends who like to visit. I also know the voice of my Guardian Angel. She’s recently asked me to write about how I know her so well. That’s a future assignment. After I’ve finished editing my first novel, which I’m working on now.

But I digress. Just like my random thoughts while meditating.

Fasting as a Health Benefit

I’m more than halfway through my first fast. The idea of a three-day fast was proposed to me during our annual family sojourn to Cliff Island, Maine—a small, quiet place that is a ferry ride away via Casco Bay Lines out of Portland.

Someone commented on my abundance of supplements, tinctures, and prescriptions that lined one of the windowsills in the kitchen. They’ve been part of my daily regimen since early February when it was discovered I was infected with Lyme disease for the second time in my life. In late spring, I was further diagnosed with both Babesia and Bartonella, which added yet another Rx to the mix.

I said that I was hoping to drop some of them soon, if only I could get better. Blood tests over the past few months have revealed that my white blood cell count has been declining instead of improving on all the meds. One of my doctors wasn’t sure why that would be, but we left it that I’d have my blood tested again in late September.

My son told us about a study that found a three-day fast could reset the immune system. My initial reaction was how difficult it would be to fast. “The best things for us are often the hardest to do,” he said (though I may be paraphrasing slightly).

Leo has an incredible mind. It’s one that remembers an astonishing amount of facts, especially in the area of natural sciences. Because I value his insight, as soon as I returned home to available Wi-Fi, I researched it. Almost immediately I discovered the article “Can a 3-Day Fast Reset Your Immune System” by Steven Salzberg in Forbes.

Knowing that is exactly what I need, I became convinced it was worth a try. Yes, it would be difficult. But hadn’t I taken on the ridiculously restrictive Interstitial Cystitis diet that lasted for many months…and eventually helped me cure most of my symptoms? (You can find that diet HERE.)

As I write this, I am three short hours from being at the official two-day mark. It’s actually much easier than I thought it would be. While I had initially worried about being hangry, instead I’m finding that I’ve become more introspective. It may have even made me more receptive to my guides. (They’re agreeing with me!)

How did I begin?

Sunday morning I woke not feeling well. Nothing new there, except this time I wasn’t feeling up to eating anything. While I normally wait 12 hours to eat after my last bite of food, I just wasn’t hungry at 7:45. So, getting the idea that I could take advantage of this peculiar feeling of not having an appetite, I decided to jump into the fast.

How’s it going? That’s a story for tomorrow. Though I can report that I am feeling quite good. A tad bit dizzy at times, but my husband would tell you that’s completely normal for me. ;) 


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