Monday, March 22, 2010

An open Letter to my State Representatives:

As you’ve probably seen in today’s House Calendar, HB 1664-FN is scheduled for 3/24. The language reads that it OUGHT TO PASS WITH AMENDMENT.

Further in the short write-up, Rep. Marjorie K Smith for Finance, notes, “We tried to have the burden of these cuts shared by everyone in order to minimize the impact on any one group.”

However, the Finance Committee has unanimously adopted a bill that allocates exactly $0 to the NH Film Commission.  Apparently the Finance Committee chose to “minimize the impact on any one group” EXCEPT the NH Film Commission.

I implore you to amend HB 1664; keep the NH Film Commission operational in 2011 and beyond.

I am not even asking for you to reinstate the entire operating budget; indeed, you could easily adopt the cuts already made by the Film Commission’s Department Head in response to the Governor & Executive Council’s request.

Simply cut Line Item HB 1664, #102 - Contracts for program services [$10,300]. This would reduce the NH Film Commission’s operating budget from $113, 221 to $102,921.

If an additional cut needs to be made, perhaps you could make it to item #069 - Promotional - Marketing Expenses [$10,000].  If the House were to reduce the marketing budget by $2922, the resulting final budget to the NH Film Commission would be only $99,999.

Thank you for your help in “minimizing the impact to any one group” by keeping the NH Film Commission operating in the next fiscal year.

Dana Biscotti Myskowski
Henniker, NH Resident

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