Sunday, March 21, 2010

An open letter to our State Representatives and Speaker Norelli:

It has come to my attention that House Bill 1664 is apparently attempting to circumvent the Governor & Executive Council’s Constitutionally-mandated authority to balance the budget.

The Governor and Executive Council have been working with Department Heads to make deep cuts in their budgets, including that of the one-person NH Film & Television Office. Yet despite the work of the NH Film & Television Office to comply with the Governor’s request to cut two percent from the current spring budget and an additional eight percent from the next fiscal year budget, the House Finance Committee has disregarded this effort and has slated the closure of the NH Film & Television Office in House Bill 1664, which is scheduled to go to the floor Wednesday, March 24.

I implore you, our State Representatives, to either vote NO on HB 1664 or to amend it so that the State’s Film & Television Office’s $113,000 budget is not eliminated.

Please keep in mind that for every dollar spent during last year, $9.22 was realized in revenue to the NH economy. A Return On Investment (R.O.I.) of 9.22 to 1; why would anyone cut funds that bring real income to New Hampshire’s taxpayers, and which helps raise direct revenue via the state’s rooms and meals taxes and via tolls?

I look forward to your support in helping to save the NH Film & Television Office.

Thank you,
Dana Biscotti Myskowski
Henniker, NH resident, voter, & taxpayer

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