Friday, March 19, 2010

A FABULOUS letter sent to our legislators by Director Adam Jones; thanks, Adam, for sharing this!
Please, everyone: write your state legislator today; or if you are out of state & have had a good experience with NH film projects, write our Governor and the Speaker of the NH House. Thank you!

Hello Beth and Harold,

I am a director of TV Commercials and branded content as well as shorts and music videos who shoots throughout North America, and I am a resident of Henniker. I am professionally based in New York City but have recently just shot my first project here in New Hampshire.

I was astounded to see that doing away with the NH Film Commission is on the table to SAVE money. The paltry $113k being spent on this organization brings in $9.22 to our NH economy for every $1 of its budget. The average budget of a single production for me through post-production is around $100-250k spent on vendors, equipment, crew, food, accommodations, permitting, location fees, etc.

Without the Film Commission an out-of-state production company has NO POINT PERSON to even consider shooting up here.

Of course we are all feeling the impact of this economy, so I won't mention the artistic and creative endeavors that the Film Commission promotes (HINT: creativity and art attract young adults while younger families and professionals are LEAVING NH for a lack of this). Having produced shoots in New York and Mass as well as Louisiana and Texas, I can tell you that those states have brought in millions by attracting Film Production with incentives and management. New Hampshire brought in over $1 Million in production dollars to the state economy last year, and that was a BAD year...

So, I'd simply implore that while I've just witnessed my kids’ enrichment and art teachers stricken from the school budget, the Film Commission actually has a quantitative ROI that can be measured.

Again, $9.22 dollars for every $1 dollar spent. Abolishing this office is beyond 'penny-wise and pound-foolish', it's financially unintelligent.

Please consider this and keep the Film Commission.

Feel free to contact me to discuss.

Adam Jones

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