Friday, October 01, 2010

Granite SoFFA Launches!

And Lunches.

The four of us have a tendency to meet over food. Go figure. :)

And so we are planning the first *official* Granite SoFFA Social - the gathering of New Hampshire (and surrounding areas) Society of Female Film Artists (and of Female Film Lovers...oh, and of people [including males] who support or enjoy hanging out with female film artists!). It will be either Friday or Saturday evening of the NH Film Festival weekend. At Foobar in downtown Portsmouth, which is one of the many venues of the fabulous NH Film Festival. (Exact times and day TBA. Soon.)

The four of us chatted after a Red River Movie event featuring DEAF PERCEPTION (Awesome flick!) and MITO KIDS (Important and GREAT film!). A couple of us had, in the past decade or so, moved to New Hampshire and joined the Women in Film in New England group, but found that most of the events centered around Boston. And while we each of us managed to drive to Boston for a few of the events, we all craved the support of women in film in our own state.

And so was born the idea for Granite SoFFA - the NH Society of Female Film Artists.

We're a group centered around fun. And commiseration. And an understanding of what it takes to pursue this line of "work" (or volunteer gigs) that we love so much. And we hope that others will feel as compelled as we do to hang out together occasionally - to share, to bitch, to boast, to laugh, to drink, to eat, to connect....

And over the next few years, stars willing, maybe we'll all be working together on each other's films. Because that's where we're most at home, isn't it? On set and in the theatre. We can dream, can't we? So why not dream BIG!

Hope you'll join us for a Social gathering of the Granite SoFFA soon. And share your thoughts in the meantime. Be well. And may you enjoy the movies!

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