Sunday, October 24, 2010

Communing with Old Growth Trees as Old as Our Young Country
"The Lightning Bolt"
The tallest of the dozen or so old growth 

pines have lightning rods installed.
Joined my husband today on a hike through an Old Growth Forest Stand in nearby Bradford, New Hampshire. The pines are located on five state-owned acres just off Route 103; there's a parking area in a pull-off near the intersection that heads into downtown.
"Theodore," a name that
just seemed to fit this
pine, stands alone from
the rest of the trees.
When you visit,
say hi for me. 

A short trail takes hikers to a grouping of the first few trees where the tallest wears not just one, but two lightning-rod cables. Continuing further along the trail takes nature lovers to the corner of the property where the trail bends to the right and leads to what may be the largest of the trees. The lonely pine, separated as it is from the group, is also adorned with a lightning rod and cable that extends into the dirt at its roots. 

It's a beautiful spot along a lazy stream. An easy walk that would make an excellent hike for children and grandparents alike.

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Claro said...

This sounds like a nice place to go for a walk. The pictures have definitely sold me on the idea!