Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spinning in control....I took an afternoon off today from writing to enjoy the gorgeous fall day here in sunny and warm New Hampshire to walk, tag a Christmas Tree, and take a few photos.

The one above is of my mother's day present: one of those cool copper spinners that turn in the slightest breeze. In the center are bright glass beads. It reminds me of that film MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Or of the marble game at the end of MEN IN BLACK. (I only need the slightest provocation to remind me of any movie.) Against the backdrop of our maple trees, it's absolutely beautiful as it spins in the sunshine.

I just watched SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION with my daughter. She loved it. And why wouldn't she? It's one of the best films ever made. My second-favorite screenplay ever written. Frank Darabont is a genius. (My first favorite screenplay, though one of my least favorite films, is LIGHT SLEEPER. Paul Schrader sure can write them....)

I might be reaching and branching out here for the verbal tie-in to the fabulous fall photo, but I must admit I watched SHAWSHANK with a bit of dread, worried my daughter wouldn't get just how fabulous a film it is. But she did. We both agreed that growing up in my house, it'd be difficult NOT to appreciate a gem of a film like that.

Okay. Enough waxing unpoetic for now. Back to editing my Creative Thesis screenplay, which is due THIS FRIDAY!!! And to rewriting my Process Letter explaining the long road that it took to get my story where it is today. More later.

Thanks, as always, for stopping in. Be well. Be happy. And smile. I hear it's contagious. We need that sort of thing spreading in our everyday world....


(While I may have taken the top photo, the next two photos were shot by my husband; they are of trees in our front yard.)

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