Saturday, October 06, 2007

Regrouping...This week I sent off my final Hump Packet of my Goddard career ( long as my Creative Thesis is accepted by my faculty advisor and by my second reader).

Inside Packet #3:
Two annotations—my final ones—numbers 44 & 45
My 19-page Process Paper
A customary Process Letter
And 12 pages of my Creative Thesis revision

Now I am writing and rewriting as I polish and hone my graduate screenplay. It’s still Wyn’s story, albeit more finely tuned, with a tightly-wound ticking clock, a polar bear out of water element, and a greedy oil company bent on land grabbing whatever they want—taking both land and precious water ways from the Inuit of Nunavut, Canada.

It’s meant to echo what’s happening in the Circumpolar Regions currently, while highlighting what one person could possibly do, if she rises to the challenge (she does!).

Global warming has opened waterways and eroded precious shoreline, leaving the Inuit and native species to adapt or perish. But a prophecy tells of one who will save her people. And while stubbornness may be her strength, it also may get in her way….


Okay. I’m off to bed for now. So I can rise early and return to Wyn’s story.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


(Photo above of lobster boats at rest in a Cliff Island cove, Casco Bay, Maine; taken by Jan Myskowski.)


Michael Printzos said...

Hi Dana,

I have been going through your blog lately and I like it.

I am writing this e-mail just to brief you on a project me and two of my best friends are currently undertaking in the field of amateur writing. We are about to launch a site ( which is about writing up a story by the users themselves. We will provide only the first and final chapter of the story, which as the domain name suggests will end up with the destruction of the world, and we will leave the rest to be written by the users.

Our scope is to gather as many people as possible and have them contributing their ideas for each chapter of the story as it evolves towards the very final chapter of it. Overall they will be 25 chapters so taking out the 2 contributed by us we have 23 remaining to be written by the users. Each user will have the rights to write up his own chapter and then when we gather a good enough number of contributions we can proceed to the next phase which is voting which contribution is the best to be part of the actual story. For the chapters selected the users that have written them will share any rights applicable to them if by any chance this story is commercially exploitable at the end of the 25 chapters.

We will be very happy if you join our project and also if you spread the word around to any people you might know either over the Internet or in real life that might be interested in participating in something like this.

We really liked your blog and we hope all the best with it.

Kind regards,


Dana said...

Hi, Michael,

Sounds like an interesting and fun project. Good luck with it!

I'd love to participate, but I have three major projects awaiting my attention once my Creative Thesis is in. Hopefully some folks will read this, though, and join your cause.

Let me know how it progresses. I'd love to stop in and take a peek!

Good luck,