Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Many Happy Returns

Another week-plus of a sweet, crazy, action-packed, information-filled Goddard residency is behind me. I returned inspired. Wrote new scene cards this morning to Act I as I revise my detailed scene by scene outline in preparation to begin writing the script soon. Monday at the latest, I hope.

Also inspired to weave words in any way possible. Below is the result of what I thought would be a simple search. An indulgence perhaps, but no greater than that of my local news provider.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

(Photos of flowers in our yard by my hubby Jan.)

"Serious News"

I scan the website of my local news station
Looking for lists of firework shows by town.
After trying several categories
I stumble upon Entertainment
Where headlining the list of today’s news
Is the story proclaiming
“Hilary Duff Says She’s Still a Virgin.”

Is this news?
If so, have any reporters contacted her gynecologist?
Not that he or she can legally report on a client,
But for the right kind of dough
Perhaps the truth can be bought
From a records room clerk.

Glancing down the list
I learn Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s divorce has been finalized.
What a relief.

Further down I learn the box office takes
For Superman;
Someone’s getting rich.
It’s not me.

Did you know that Paul, Ringo AND Yoko
Attended the debut of the Beatles Cirque du Soleil Show?

In newscasts invariably replete with violence,
Blood letting, and torture,
It’s good to know
News like this,
Important to the American sub consciousness, I’m sure,
Is being reported.

I scan the rest of the list
Still hoping to find the schedule of local pyrotechnic extravaganzas
And learn that Movie Critic Roger Ebert is in serious condition.
I suppose it’s the screenwriter in me
But I find myself compelled
To click the link at once.

I hope it’s nothing too serious.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful and set the tone for your site. Glad to connect with you again.