Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Goddard Sweet Goddard

Am heading back to Plainfield, Vermont next week for my second residency. Seems like just yesterday and yet a lifetime ago that I first stepped onto campus as a grad student. Looking forward to returning and reconnecting with old friends and to making new ones.

Over the past few weeks I have been compiling my teaching practicum folder and writing and rewriting my twenty page paper on my experience in the advanced feature scriptwriting classroom. I bought a half-inch binder to hold it all, and had to switch to a one inch binder. Amazing how much accumulates over the course of a semester, even though I only used excerpted materials.

Today I am finishing packing so that I can fly my kids out to California tomorrow to stay with my family while I'm at residency. I usually stay the two weeks with them, and had hoped to this year, too. I was asked to do a screenwriting workshop in LA, but will have to defer till my next trip. Hopefully that will come in July or August since I may be writing for a new drama TV series that one of the major studios picked up. Fingers crossed, but I'm not going to get too excited until contracts are offered...and signed.

Currently I'm backing up all my files to my brand new LaCie hard drive. I know I should have purchased the unit much sooner than now, but at least this trip I can travel without worrying over my laptop crashing. Though I imagine that would still be a pain. I won't ruminate on that....

Was up early writing my outline for my thriller. Am trying to keep it both real and yet taut at the same time. A big reveal is coming up in only a few scenes, and I can't wait to arrive in Act III for the even larger revelation. A cathartic exercise, this writing gig is.

Am two-thirds the way through my to-do list, and I am expecting a gaggle of giggling teen girls any moment: a half day to celebrate their final day of the school year. Oh, happy summer!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope I'll see some of you next week in Vermont. Cheers!

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