Monday, December 05, 2005

This Lousy Book

Yes, this Lousy Book has, indeed, finally entered its final chapter. The remains unearthed in Ohio have been identified as those of Philip and Sarah (thank you David for your post).

Some have wondered how I became involved with this case. It all started with an exceptional young man, a talented and gifted actor, who showed up to audition for my short LEMONADE STAND. He amazed us -- me, and the two producers/directors. And continued to stun us with his incredible energy and enthusiasm, as well as his knack for memorizing the entire dialogue in a scene, not just his own.

One day, taking a break between shots, Philip asked me a question about something in the script that we'd be shooting the next day. I said I didn't know and would have to look it up. He was thunderstruck. "But you wrote it! How can you not know what happens next?" I told him as a writer I tended to write things down and clear my head for the next creative item to germinate and grow, and that as an actor it was his job to know and memorize his lines. "I'm just no good at memorization," I finally confessed.

I'm not sure the explanation ever sat right with him, though I did notice Philip paying attention to all the different jobs people performed on the set - the lighting, audio recording, directing - everyone had his or her job to do in order to pull the whole thing off. I think he was starting to see just how much a team effort the small video had become.

Later, somewhere down the road, I was called on by RachelFind to produce the Public Service Videos since they had found my name in a Google search; apparently there are numerous quotes of mine that the wire services had picked up after the children went missing. When Anne at RachelFind realized I was in radio and TV AND that I knew Teri, she figured she'd found her New England Producer. Even though my LA manager at the time had told me that producing was and is what I am meant to do, at that time I had never produced anything. Anne wasn't deterred. And even though I cried a release of tears, and wrestled with uncertainty as to whether or not I could handle my emotions and somehow figure out how to produce the segments, I said I would. And somehow I did - with the help of Teri, Shawn, and Anthony at WKXL.

My thoughts and prayers are still with Teri, her new husband, and their beautiful family, especially as they travel out to Ohio. Teri is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. I don't know how she pushes on, and yet she does so with grace.

Thank you for stopping by. May you enjoy this holiday season.

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