Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and I've been awake since the dawn of time due to a cat's meow.

Happy holidays everyone. Hope that in addition to getting all the things you hope for, you are also blessed with a healthy dose of PEACE, which is something I am seeking this coming year. (Can one actively seek peace? Anyway, I'm going to try.)

Think I'll try getting a few more winks, too, before it's time to drive my son to the "mountain" for his first job; he began last week at Pats Peak working in their tubing park. Suddenly he's starting to see the compelling reasons to whip his grades into shape...I think. I can only hope.

Be well. Be merry. Be nice.


PS Just posted these thoughts at the Cinema Strikes Back website. Thought I'd share them here, since I am such a fan of the actor, director, and of the documentary:

CHAMPION is the tops! Not because it's a fascinating look at a compelling actor (which it is), nor because the direction is first rate (it's that, too), but because of the impact it's had on my fourteen-year-old son. Since seeing it in August CHAMPION has been on the top three of his favorite movie list. Danny Trejo provided inspiration in his revealing story about his struggle to survive in this bizarre world of ours; and Joe Eckardt's direction provided the fly on the wall view audiences seek, while capturing the true grit that is Trejo personified on the silver screen. My only recommendation is that The Film Emporium consider producing an edited PBS-documentary length. The tight 56:40 length would edit out the occasional redundancy and might help secure wide-spread distribution, which is what this documentary needs. All our teens need to see Trejo for the couragous hero he is.

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