Thursday, October 08, 2015

On set for the noon newscast

Enjoyed yesterday's visit to WMUR with my students of the discovery course Image and Sound. While the class is comprised of students from across many majors at UNH Manchester, everyone enjoyed the tour--even those who aren't currently studying video production. Led by Production Manager Peter McKay, who is also a director at the station, we were shown the room where the reporters and producers work, the editing and sound booths, the production booth, and the studios. We were even permitted to stand inside the studio during the live broadcast, which means we'll never see the news in the same way again. Thanks to everyone at WMUR for making us feel welcome! 

News Anchor Sean McDonald and Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa
discuss the upcoming holiday weekend forecast. 
Every production begins with lights. These
are energy-efficient LEDs.

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa motions to
the weather pattern that is crossing
New England. How does he do it?
A touch of magic may be involved! 

News Anchor Sean McDonald learns how to make brandy apple and
peppered-peach-filled pound cake from chefs Jillian Lemay and Pat Brideau
of Kingswood Regional High School during Cook's Corner.
You can watch the clip via WMUR's website HERE.


Caroline Consoli said...

That sounds like an amazing field trip; I wish my Image and Sound class had gone there! While the Currier Museum was wonderful, I can imagine that a personal tour of WMUR must have been a unique experience. Maybe someday I'll get to tour the facility. Even though I'm not interested in a career in the video production or journalism sides of Communication Arts, I still find them fascinating.

Kelsey Hamel said...

This makes me want to be in your Image and Sound class. This would have been a really insightful experience to have.