Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wondering What's for Dinner?

Gluten-free corn bread, which can also be made dairy free.
If you're eating gluten free and low acid like me, it's a challenge to create interesting, delicious dishes night after night. After more than a year on my restricted diet, I've launched a page on my "Confessions of a Chocoholic" website, the site that is dedicated to those who are newly diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (or IC, sometimes also referred to as the lovely and sexy "Painful Bladder Syndrome").  I am trying to bring new ideas to the table, posting five recipes a week.
Fish is always a good choice. Striper is delicious when fresh.
(Poster created by my son when he was in junior high.)

Gluten-free yeast bread can be tricky. This was easy though,
thanks to a new mix from Bob's Red Mill. 

Does beautiful Polish pottery make the meal taste better?
I like to think so! Inside the casserole dish is a Shepherd's Pie
waiting to be baked.


Rosanyi Rivera said...

Yummy, yummy food! I think is great that you can make such delicious plates of food. All while keeping a healthy diet and cooking with the ingredients that are good for you. I think is awesome that you share your recipes :)

Ian said...

Your son is quite the artist. It's good that you are not restricted in choice by choosing to have a gluten-free diet.

Olivia Pollock said...

Sounds delicious! It's good that you like to cook since you have such a restricted diet. I'm sure that other people who are gluten-free really appreciate your recipes!

Rachel Lewis said...

I think creating recipes for a restricted diet is such a great way to make it not a burden but an interesting challenge. Great idea!

jessica allen said...

I think it's great you started a page for others to view and get ideas from. I'm positive viewers will thank you and enjoy the knowledge you offer.

Mitchell Planty said...

You should get your son to draw some largemouth bass. I can assure you that your viewers would appreciate it. I've also eaten some bass here and there. A bass taste like a bass, it doesn't matter if it's from the ocean or a lake.

William Bryan said...

My gluten-free associates will appreciate these recipes, i get lost when restricted in the kitchen.