Friday, February 18, 2011

Big stories in small packages

Study of a birdhouse; charcoal by Leo.
Next week I'm pulling some of the Smoky Quartz Productions crew* together to shoot the June 2011 Concord Boys & Girls Club video.

This year we're interviewing four club members from three locations: Suncook, Concord, and Hopkinton. Each of the kids and the one young adult who grew up in the club has a remarkable story to tell, though I'm not sure what those stories are yet as I prep my list of questions for them.

Thanks to all who are helping out on this project; look forward to working with you again!


* 2011 Crew:
Carol Morse, Executive Producer
Kent Rich, DP, Audio, and Editor
Susan Tinkham, Set Decorator/Art Designer
Kevin Mason & Patrick Witherell, Production Assistants
John Albert & Leo Myskowski, Production Interns
Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Producer/Director


trisha said...

sounds interesting- hope you will have lots of fun.

Dana Biscotti Myskowski said...

Thanks, Trisha!

It's always fun working on projects like this. And humbling getting to meet these incredible kids.

Good luck with your month of Haiku!

Joey Burns said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun for you Dana. Good luck in June... As they say, 'break a leg!' I really like the charcoal drawing there! I have done 4 charcoals of my own, but only one is small enough to scan. I will post it on my blog for all to see! Hope your vacation was awesome too!

TJK said...

Erroll James said...

That's really cool! Would love to work with you on a set in the future =).