Friday, September 18, 2009

Leo's Artwork to Appear in Boston Show in October!
("Gourds," graphite, 24.5" x 19.5")
Three Works Selected
AANE Annual Fall Conference
Saturday, October 3, 2009
10 AM - 5 PM
John Hancock Convention Center
180 Berkeley Street
Boston, Mass.
Free & Open to the Public

(Untitled, collage & paint, 17" x 20")

("Skateboard Designs," ink, 17" x 17")

(All Leo's artwork is for sale. Please don't let my poor photography skills fool you; his artwork is much better in person!)


Regan said...

I would totally buy a skateboard from your son if I, um, skateboarded ;-) Great artwork! The pig one reminds me of Lord of the Flies...

How did Leo "find" his way into the AANE (or vice versa)?

Dana said...

Thanks, Regan!

I know he created the pig illustration as an assignment on either LORD OF THE FLIES or ANIMAL FARM...but I can't recall which now.

We found AANE after Leo was diagnosed. It just took a quick web search. AANE is awesome - with tons of support help and great staff and volunteers.


Amy said...

Leo's artwork is great!! He's very talented! Very cool that he has found his niche! Is he thinking of continuing on the artwork path? He definitely should! :)

Evan Gomes said...

I absolutely love the pig picture. It is so different and i literally looked at the piece for 2 minutes straight just loving every part of it! I am not the type of person to stare at art so that is impressive. Keep it up Leo!