Monday, September 03, 2007

A boatload of thoughts...
It's Moving Day.

So much has gone into this day: a year of home schooling in preparation for the GED, increased art classes, blood, sweat, tears, and a bunch of prayers. And here we are. Moving our sixteen-year-old son into his dorm at art school.

By all practical rules don’t I get him for two more years?

I’m paraphrasing Elaine from Cameron Crowe’s ALMOST FAMOUS when she becomes both sentimental and vulnerable as she speaks with her fifteen-year-old son William who’s in Topeka with the band he’s covering for Rolling Stone. It’s such a touching moment that I can’t stop myself from misquoting it to my son.

That and Elaine’s oft said, “Don’t take drugs!” Which, while I’m sure she meant that literally, I also took to mean, “Don’t be ordinary.” If I could have one wish for my son, and for my daughter, it would be that they may live a life that is anything but ordinary. Hopefully that will lead to happiness, as well.

Okay. I have a few more hours with him. Think I’ll go savor them now. Thanks for stopping by.

(Photo above by my husband, taken as our ferry docked in Portland, Maine.)


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Dana said...

Ah yes. It is terrific news. Isn't it? (PLEASE say it is....)