Friday, July 27, 2007

We all scream for island....And so today concludes our two-week stay on the tiny and seemingly remote Cliff Island located in Casco Bay, Maine (off of Portland via the convenient Casco Bay Lines ferry service).

In two weeks we managed to tan, swim, walk, toast marshmallows, read, relax, visit Portland twice, and eat tons of lobster and striper (the sea bass was caught by a friend of ours visiting the first weekend and later in the week by our son off the ledges adjacent to the cottage's rocky beach).

I also reached FADE OUT yet again. This time with version number six of my Inuit tale. For the first time in a long time I was able to retain probably about fifteen scenes with few edits. Those who know me realize that I am a toss and begin from scratch writer, so that's a huge accomplishment and tells me I am actually nearing the end of my Creative Thesis project. Woo hoo: perhaps I may actually be able to graduate after this, my G-4 semester at Goddard.

Hope you're enjoying summer! Thanks for dropping by.

(Above photos from the Cliff Island website. The top features the oddly shaped Cliff Island; the second photo features the Murphy Cottage, which is where we stayed these past two weeks. Thanks to the Murphy Family for making their cottage available for rental.)

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