Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm a new fan...

...of Moviefone Shorts, especially the short this link should take you to, The Fan and the Flower. Haven't seen every short featured there yet, but I also enjoyed American Storage and Unfair. Check it out...and let me know what else I should surf over to watch.

Want to Welcome the fellow writers of the New Hampshire Writers' Project to the site. The list you seek of the last known approved screenwriting competitions as published by the former NY Screenwriter Monthly is located on one of my sister sites, Green Chair Lists, or you can search the archives on this blog; it appears in the July 17th post.

For news of courses I'll be teaching next semester at UNH-Manchester, of upcoming workshops, and more, please visit my website Green Chair Pictures. You'll also find a list of my services as well as additional frivolous information.

As you may realize from my heading on this blog, I believe short screenplays are the poetry of the scriptwriting and cinematic world. Like poems, short scripts have precious few words and lines in which to convey a message and evoke an image.

There's also the added benefit that the stories are short, so if you don't like one, at least it was brief. I believe the two old timers of the Muppets would agree with me. In A Muppet Christmas Carol they complain over how ridiculously abbreviated Fozzie Bear's speech is at his Rubber Chicken Factory's annual Christmas Party. But then they realize with delight, "It was short; we loved it!"

On that note, let me keep today's blog entry [relatively] short. Thanks for dropping by!

(Photo above taken by my husband; it features the Pamela J Lobsterboat on Cliff Island in Casco Bay, Maine. It's named for Lobsterboat Captain Anderson's wife. On a side note: when my fifteen-year-old son complained that we were going to be vacationing in the middle of nowhere, I countered with the fact that we'd be buying our lobsters from Pamela Anderson, even biking to her house to pick them up each day. It took him a moment. Finally his huge grin waned as he realized, "There's more than one Pamela Anderson, isn't there?")

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